Webmasters have numerous decisions to make when running a website. One such major decision is choosing the right web hosting that gets your website running smooth, eventually playing its part in a good user experience. If you are already on VPS, you pretty much know how it works and what you get with it. But […]

For those new to the lingo, GPT (Get Paid To) sites are basically the sites that pay you for things that you would normally already do, such as using search engines, taking up surveys, playing flash games, watching videos, reading emails, trying out product samples, shopping online, helping with social media activities, etc. These gigs […]

With the growing age of the internet, one can avail several ways of earning money. With social networking’s growing popularity in the first decade of the 21st century, there has been in an immense rise in the number of internet users and thus the availability of several business and money making methods came into existence. […]

Remember the old classified paper ads? How useful they used to be in helping you find what you need in your locality! Not that they have lost their utility completely but the ever increasing number of internet users have given way to online classified ads that have proved to be more useful and effective. Most […]

If your website collects personal and sensitive information from users such as credit card number, bank account details, etc. then having an SSL certificate is essential. It ensures the safety of your customers and they will know your commitment for their security. In this internet focused world, things are getting less secure online and without […]

What is the picture that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘search engine’? I bet it’s the Google logo for most of us. It has been a long time since search engines became an essential part of our daily lives. You might be an internet beginner or an internet marketer; either way, […]

Hosting a website on a reliable and trustworthy webhost is not that cheap. Moreover, if you have just started your blog/website and do not earn a penny from it, the condition could be even worse. You could be a student and not earning yet, but what if you still want to host that awesome blog […]

WordPress, in the last few years, has grown as the best blogging platform. 70% of new blogs coming up today are using WordPress as their blogging platform. This is mainly because of its simplicity. It is very easy to work with than with any other CMS out there. The best thing about WordPress is the […]

Web design may be highly subjective, but there is no doubt that some things look good and others look bad. While color, layout and general presentation can all combine to make something look good or otherwise, images are perhaps the most central way in which a website can project its visual identity. But not all […]

For any visible and viral online presence, tapping social media has become imperative. Be it a major fortune 500 company, a start up, a VH1 billboard topping or a small time club guitarist; no matter who, the right exposure is a must for better business. And since web 2.0 and social media help attain that […]

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