Drive More Traffic to Your Blog with These Easy Tips

No matter what type of blog you have, you likely understand the importance of getting Internet traffic to your blog. Whether it’s a personal blog or a blog for your business, traffic is king and you can’t accomplish what you want to accomplish without steady Internet traffic. There are lots of ways to increase traffic to your blog without running an Internet campaign that will cost you money. If you’ve been experiencing a drop in Internet traffic lately, or you simply just want more, check out these ways to drive some more traffic to your blog.

Write More

blog-trafficThe easiest and simplest way to increase traffic to your blog is to just write more. Make sure that you’re always creating fresh and engaging content, so readers will subscribe to your blog and keep coming back. Always have something meaningful to say. If you run a business blog, host client testimonials once a week on your blog.

The more you post, you higher the likelihood that your blog will be noticed by search engine spiders from search engines like Google or Bing. Increase the number of articles you write per week, and you’ll no doubt start seeing some increased traffic.

Use Your Blogroll

Using a blogroll is another easy way to increase traffic to your site, and if you aren’t already using a blogroll you should start. It’s easy; all you have to do is add links to blogs and sites that you like to the blogroll. The owners of these blogs will likely return the favor by adding a link to your blog on their blogroll.

If all goes well, the traffic that comes to your blog via other blog’s blogroll will become a part of your audience, as long as you’re creating fresh and engaging content. Don’t overdo it on the blogroll, but make sure you have enough blogs so that you’re getting some nice returns.

Add Images

Be sure that you add images to each one of your blog posts. You should add images not just to liven up your posts, but also because it can help drive traffic to your site. Many people using search engines use the image feature to find what they want, and if you title your images correctly you’ll see an increase in traffic to your blog.

Link, Link, and Link!

Adding links can make a huge difference in the traffic that comes in to your blog. Search engines index links, meaning links in your blog will make your rankings go up on search engines hence link building is big part of search marketing. In addition to the search engines, links also help other bloggers easily identify who is linking to their site.

If you link to other blogs, those blogs will likely check your blog out, and maybe even begin linking to your blog. If all goes well, adding links will heavily increase the amount of traffic that comes in to your blog. It only takes a few minutes to add a few links to each post, too.