How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

Your interest in reading this article implies that you most probably have a Facebook Page set up or are planning to do so. The next obvious step would be to gain exposure for your Facebook page and its posts, and thereby your product/brand. But how exactly do you gauge the exposure you are gaining?

One of the major indicators is the number of likes. The more Likes a Facebook Page bears, better the exposure it enjoys. That is precisely why you see Facebook page admins doing all odds to gain more likes.


Here are some fan page promotion tips that can help you get more likes on your Facebook Fan page.

1. Put up the Like Box on your website

If your having Facebook page and a blog, chances are that your Fan page is dedicated to your blog’s/site’s readership. If that is the case, you should consider implementing Facebook Page Like Box on your blog/site. Doing this lets your blog fans like your Facebook presence too, thus increasing your chances of being more interactive and closer to your blog fans.


Integrating the Like Box is a pretty simple process. You can get the Like box from the ‘Facebook Developers Social Plugins Directory’.

2. Invest in Likes

An easier way to get more likes on your Facebook page if you have some cash to give up is to buy some Likes to get started. There are plenty of services that you can opt for, to get some artificial Facebook Likes. Unfortunately, there are many Facebook Like scammers that are doing rounds. You should double check a provider’s credibility before you opt for one.

Facebook also allows you to promote your Fan page in exchange of cash under the name of promoted posts and sponsored stories. The promote post option lets you promote a specific post from your page; thus, letting you get more likes to that post and eventually the page too. On the other hand sponsored stories get your fan page featured on the news feeds of all friends of a fan who either comments, shares or likes your page; thus greatly multiplying your Facebook fan page’s exposure.


To go with the Facebook provided options, you need to click the ‘Build Audience’ drop down menu in the admin panel, and then click on the ‘create advert’ option.

3. Use a Fan Gate

A fan gate or a like gate is the landing page that you can make for your Facebook fan page, that acts as a like bait; it provides something of value to the 1st time visitors which compels them to like your page. Many big and small brands have been using this trick effectively.

Here is how Nutella used the page for generating more Likes. The 1st image is for non fans, and the 2nd image is a snapshot of how the page turns once we like the page.

This is how the page appears to non-fans:


Before you like the page

And to fans, it appears like this:


After you like the page…

These are the best Like baits for getting more likes on any Facebook page and are employed by over 90% of successful pages.