How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear for Websites with Movavi Photo Editor

Blurry pictures are awful to deal with – particularly on websites. Odds are you’re picky about the pictures that you publish on your website and how you utilize the available screen real estate – which is why in general you undoubtedly avoid publishing any blurry pictures.

movavi photo editorThe reason why some pictures turn out blurry tend to vary. It could be a blur from fast movement, or it may be due to bad focus. In some cases blurriness in a picture is even because it was resized poorly.

In any case, the real question is: What if you need a particular picture to publish on your website and the only version of it that you can find is blurry? Do you just accept that fact and publish it anyway, or not publish it and do without a picture? Before you decide, you should be aware that there’s a third option: Clear up your blurry picture by fixing it with a photo editor.

It really isn’t as difficult as you may imagine to fix blurry pictures with Movavi Photo Editor. The software itself is intuitive and accessible, so you should have no problems utilizing it to fix any pictures. In fact, all that it really takes is a few steps:

  1. Click ‘Browse for Images’ and select the picture that you want to fix.
  2. Open up the ‘Adjust’ tab and locate the ‘Sharpness’ slider.
  3. Move the slider so that the picture starts to become clearer.
  4. When you’re satisfied, click ‘Export’ to save the picture.

By ‘sharpening’ your picture, most of the blurriness should disappear. However you may also want to enhance the picture in other ways to improve its appearance – and with Movavi Photo Editor you’ll have ample opportunity to do so. The software also includes numerous other features that will allow you to adjust the color settings, remove unwanted elements, switch the background, apply stylish filters, insert customizable text, and much more.

Having all these features at your fingertips in Movavi Photo Editor will give you an unprecedented amount of control over the appearance of the pictures that you choose to publish on your website. By using the software to edit any pictures that need improving, you can ensure that only high quality and clear pictures end up on your website – rather than having to publish lesser pictures, or not publish any pictures at all.