Infographics: A Handy Tool for Deciphering Data

Whether you’re a long-time veteran of an industry or a layman just peeking in from the sidelines, statistics can be quite intimidating. The data can look like a minefield of potential problems and interpretation is limited to a select few. Whether you’re looking at scatterplots or standard deviation, the language requires knowledge of statistics and many people just don’t want to take the time to think data hard enough that they can process it.

Infographics are a neat solution to the problem of making data accessible to the masses. A well-designed infographic can convey all the information contained in any boring graph or chart in a much more commonsense way so that everyone benefits. Here are some of the benefits of displaying medical data through infographics.

Images tell stories better than words

Infographics-for-businessOnly a skilled reader or writer will appreciate a story told through words unless it’s a truly outstanding one. A single image, however, can convey more about your atmosphere and tone than anything else. Even a stock photo improves a text-only website by leaps and bounds, and an infographic improves on that stock website by just as much. You can tell a story about a study, your office culture, or the trends in healthcare with a well-chosen infographic.

Short attention spans and limited time is no problem

Most people can’t sustain the attention long enough to try to interpret statistics. They’re dense, tricky, and can easily be misinterpreted. An infographic makes it quick and easy to look at the data and decide what action to take, however. You can pack all the information you need into one image for people to look at.

Backlinks and viral traffic can benefit you

The power of a few great backlinks from sites that found your infographic appealing and useful can’t be underestimated. A good infographic design will attract attention, and the backlinks you get will improve the ranking of your site. You might even experience viral traffic, which can greatly contribute to your success!

Make more of an impact

Data may make an impact briefly, but an infographic can stick in people’s minds. If you want them to really look at, process, understand, and remember data, it has to be presented in a slick form that doesn’t require a second thought. People can focus on the message instead of the medium, and they will remember much more of what you were trying to tell them.

People coming to your website probably have a specific goal in mind already. They might be looking for a price sheet for your services, information about where your practice is, or a description of who works in your practice and how much experience they have. Make sure they’re not being overloaded with things they don’t need to know.

Using infographics makes it easy for people to see the relevant details about your business practice, and they will be much more likely to take the next step of calling you or emailing you rather than going back to the search engine and your competitors.