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Do you know what the most common phobia in the world is? It’s the fear of being without one’s cell phone – it’s called nomophobia. It can be described as the fear of missing out, that makes so many of us check our phones a zillion times a day, causes us to take it to the bathroom with us, makes us so wary of the battery running out, and being in places with poor or no reception.

Considering that so many of us are similarly afflicted and feel positively insecure if we’ve not checked our Facebook and Twitter updates or email inbox for the past hour, offers a solution.

mylifeThis is a social network site that can help us locate people such as school mates, lost loves and friends or relatives. The service claims to help simplify the social life of members by putting social and professional communications – email, social networking and so on, in the same, easily accessible place.

The idea is that members don’t have to constantly visit multiple services for your updates; a single dashboard helps members monitor all their online presences. Your email messages, social network updates, etc. can all be found in one place. Or in other words, acts as a Personal Relationship Manager for you.

You can search for people and also find out who’s been searching for you – friends, co-workers, ex-flames, classmates and so on. With over 700 million profiles in their data base, it seems a good bet.

However, like with all other services, there are some limitations here too. This is a United States-centric service in the main, though as of May 2011 it was announced that MyLife would also provide its people-finder and who’s-searching-for-you services to members in the United Kingdom. So if a person tries to register with, say an Indian zip code, they will be told it is invalid. Also, there have been some instances of the service throwing up some incorrect search results.

But despite its few limitations, is unquestionably the most useful service that saves you hell lot of time on the social networking front and helps you get some peace of mind.