Have You Integrated Product Information Management (PIM) into Your Website Yet?

When you are putting up a product for sale on your website, you need to provide the product information that includes almost everything – right from the product features to specs, looks and pricing. Now when the customer gets in touch with your sales executive, or goes to your distributor to buy the product, is he getting the same information as mentioned on your website? Ensuring this can be quite cumbersome, especially if you deal in multiple products, or have a huge sales department or have to co-ordinate with a large distribution network. This is so because even a single change will require updating of multiple databases.

pim-product-information-managementWhat if you maintain a single database of all the product information and link all your channels to the same database using a type of work order management software! PIM or Product Information Management does exactly that. It removes inconsistency, and seamlessly synchronizes the product data across multiple channels. Integrating PIM into your website can bring a number of benefits to your organization.

Creates a better brand

Customer gets the same information from all the sources – company website (or multiple websites), sales executives, distributors, product catalogs, etc. This helps the customer to make an informed decision and ultimately helps in creating a better image and brand for the company.

Updating changes becomes easy

When you have any promotions going on or there are changes in the product information due to any other reason, all you need to do is update the main database and it will automatically reflect in all the channels linked to it.

Prevents confusion among professionals

Since all the internal applications like CRM, ERP, etc. will be connected to the same database, everybody in the company will get the same information. This will prevent creating of confusing environment for sales, service and other professionals of the company.

Helps manage the distribution network

Integrating each of the product information separately into all of your distributors’ systems and frequently updating it is something you can’t even think of, if you have a sizeable network of distributors. PIM on the other hand makes it a cakewalk – just export or syndicate the data to your distributors’ systems.

Apart from these, you will experience many other positive results in terms of reduced returns, lower cost of customer service, higher conversion rate, increased productivity, etc. No surprise, Product Information Management software is picking up pretty well with the web development firms. If you have an ecommerce site and haven’t implemented it yet, it’s high time you find out more about it from your web developer.