Keep Track of Your Social Media Promotions with PromoJam

For any visible and viral online presence, tapping social media has become imperative. Be it a major fortune 500 company, a start up, a VH1 billboard topping or a small time club guitarist; no matter who, the right exposure is a must for better business. And since web 2.0 and social media help attain that much needed limelight, it is not very surprising to see brands setting up a dedicated wing for managing social media marketing that lays a blueprint for their social presence and implements it.

promojamBut businesses have much more to do amidst the chaos of daily workflow; there are deadline to meet, team huddles to conduct, emails to attend and reports to submit. Sometimes, this gets overwhelming. Here comes the dire need for a tool to help manage tasks in a quick, better and productive manner. PromoJam is one such tool that takes care of the heavy social marketing task. It demystifies social media marketing and makes it seem much more easy and fun.

PromoJam is a social marketing platform that allows brands plan and get a better grip of their social promotional strategy. The platform also helps small and big brands to create collaborative environment by letting team mates brainstorm and discuss promotional ideas for their next big social promotion.

Some of the most notable features of PromoJam include the following:

Create promos in a snap

PromoJam allows one to create stunning promotions in no time and without any code/graphics knowledge. One can create Facebook adverts, landing pages for websites, microsites, Like gates for Facebook Page tabs, responsive promotions for mobile audience, provide coupons or promo codes and downloads to participants, use viral multimedia content within promos, create age gates, and much more.

Team collaboration made easy

PromoJam is a great place for the whole team to be brought together to discuss and plan promotions for the brand. It lets a promotion creator share his idea with his team through email before he sets it live. The team can also start and participate in healthy discussions and share files through the discussion section in the user interface.

Track progress like nobody else’ business

Tracking a promotional project’s progress is made stress free. All promotions can be tracked under one roof without having to login to every social media’s dashboard. PromoJam allows tracking real-time traffic along with demographical and geographical details; traffic engagement with the promos in terms of CTR, likes, followership, etc; measuring social outreach, and hence showing how viral a promo could go; statistical representation of conversions, which helps visualize a promo’s performance.

With so much of involvement in social media for today’s marketing purposes, having a social marketing management tool like PromoJam makes a huge difference. As PromoJam says “We bring you less hassle, more hustle”, it indeed does.