Three Steps to Save Money on Hosting

Every person wants to save more money when starting their own business or a blog. And almost everyone becomes confused seeing those dozens of options that hosting companies offer their clients. How can you choose the right hosting plan from this huge number of offers? And that is of equal importance how can you save more money?


It is very difficult to choose a hosting provider, because nowadays hosting companies provide different kinds of hosting plans that cost differently. And if you do not know some hosting tricks, hosting might deplete your wallet significantly. So, when choosing a hosting plan, you should follow these three steps.

Understand your needs

When you start searching for a hosting company, stop and think what your website would look like. You should think about how many people would visit it a day. If you have a small company or a blog, you are likely to have less than 2,000 visitors a day. In case when you already have a big and well-developed company and you know that your website would visit thousands of people every day, you need a big site with a sufficient disk space to save all the information of your website. The size of your future site will hint you on what hosting plan to choose.

Consider the variants of hosting plans

The next step after understanding your needs is to find a good hosting company. You can find a lot of hosting plans on the Internet which price is about $1 per month. You think that such a low price will definitely help you to save your money, but do not rush to buy this plan, just stop and consider and think. The thing is that sometimes such low-cost hosting plans are provided by the companies that do not have very good equipment, and thus the uptime of your site and page loading may go down and your clients may not like it.

When you have identified the size of your future site, you can correlate your needs with the offers. If you are going to have a small site or a blog, it will be a good idea to have a shared hosting plan. Such plans are usually cheaper than other hosting plans. It happens because some other users also would host on the same server as you do. And with shared hosting you should share with your “neighbors” not only server, but a maintenance cost as well.In the situation, when your website becomes more popular than you have expected before, you can easily migrate your site to VPS, for example.

It will be more logical to choose VPS hosting, if your site is going to be bigger when the average one. VPS hosting plans provide more disk space for your site (even unlimited), better uptime and page loading time, and that is more important it does not depend on the work of other sites, because you will be the only user on the server.

Use discounts and coupons

And the next step after you have chosen an appropriate hosting plan is to pay for this hosting plan. Some hosting companies provide coupons or promo links for their clients. And also very often hosting companies provide coupons to their affiliates. You can use those coupons and get a very impressive discount. Or in case, when a hosting company does not have a coupon code option, you can use a promo link and get your discount.

It should be mentioned here that the price of your hosting depends on the period you are going to host. For example, if you buy a hosting plan for a year with the help of a coupon or a promo link, it will cost you some $60. If you buy two year hosting then the price of the same plan will be about $80, and if you buy it for three years, the price will be $90. I think you get the idea that buying hosting for a longer period, you save more money. Otherwise, you have to pay $60 for each year and $180 for three years instead of $90.

Choosing a hosting plan is always difficult. Your head just spins because of this huge number of different hosting companies, hosting plans and options. But these three simple steps will help you to find the right variant.