Integrate Your Email, SMS, and Web Push Marketing with SendPulse

Internet marketing is no longer the “next” big thing. It is very much in the present and companies, big or small, are trying to promote their services online. Internet marketing uses social media platforms to connect and engage with potential customers while sending or selling the products. This also includes email marketing and electronic customer relationship management.


SendPulse offers such email communications via SMTP servers and SMS services, and allows the user to access these through the personalized dashboard. However, though SendPulse is almost exclusively an email marketing platform, it also offers unlimited web push notifications along with its SMS service.

Services Offered by SendPulse


  • Email: This particular feature is relatively simple which allows users to create and send as many emails as required using the built-in ‘drag and drop editor.’ Users can also customize their emails using several predesigned templates.
  • SMTP Server: All marketing emails as well as all transaction messages are sent through an SMTP server.
  • Web Push: SendPulse’s web push feature allows users to reach their clients right on their devices whenever they have any update to share.
  • API: Rest API is a feature that allows SendPulse engineers to control and manage the technicalities involved with the services.
  • SMS: SendPulse has a wide range of free plans for their SMS services and gives various offers and discounts.

Artificial Intelligence


SendPulse Services use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically take opening rates to their maximum efficiency and also for predictive analysis on their aforementioned services. Artificial Intelligence is used for hyper-personalization too. By using artificial intelligence, the email marketing feature, when combined with Web Push, increases email open rates almost by 30%. This rate can be further increased by using email personalization along with SMS optimization for preferred timings and delivery rates, and content optimization for conversion improvement on the subject.

Test Drive

Test Drive is a testing service offered free of cost to new users. Here, the user can select one campaign from their emailing list and using SendPulse’s email marketing technology, the company can see how successful the feature is for their business and whether it is effective for engaging with customers.

Competitive Advantages


  • As SendPulse offers bulk email, SMS, and web push notifications to potential marketers, users can easily maximize their business promotions and increase engagements by reaching their audience much faster. There are only few other services that actually offer or allow a combination of all the three features, and hence users automatically have a better chance with SendPulse.
  • Restrictions on functionality are kept to bare minimum, and the artificial intelligence or AI functionality is a popular trend that SendPulse has embraced. This makes all of the services extremely convenient. The features released are already making a difference, and as a new startup SendPulse is still developing newer services. Using the AI solution, the timing of messages can be automated so as to send the message at a time when it will be viewed by the subscribers almost instantly.
  • When compared to other email marketing services, SendPulse has the immediate advantage as its email and web push follow up messaging rates appear to be almost 70% more. Additional sales and conversions are also provided at no extra cost.

SendPulse has one of the largest quotas, owing to its number of free plans for unlimited email and SMS services and it has very few restrictions on the functions of its services. Its unique services earned SendPulse a place among the three finalists of The Next Web Scale 2016 Program and it was also selected as one of the best startups by The Next Web. SendPulse also has a Startup Accelerator Program that offers all participants a grant of $5,000 for email marketing development.

Companies find SendPulse Services effective for their business promotions mainly because of its high deliverance rates and also because SendPulse allows customized campaigns to suit screens with all kinds of resolutions. The campaigns created on the computer can be sent from the user’s mobiles. Once the user schedules the time, the service will automatically start thereafter. Thus, SendPulse makes internet and email marketing pretty easy and effective with features, analytics, and detailed reports.