Track Emails and Build Email Drip Campaigns With Snovio

With over 100,000 users onboard, Snovio is a popular outreach automation platform that helps you increase conversion rate. It offers several features for effective email marketing, such as finding contacts by domain name or on any website, cleaning up your email list using email verifier, send automates drip campaigns, and track sent emails. In this article, we will review two of their most popular tools, namely email tracker and email drip campaigns tool.

Snovio Email Tracker

This is a free and simple tool from Snovio that lets you know when your emails are opened by the recipients. Getting to know which of your leads are active and which leads are interested in what type of products or content helps in better targeting of your campaign. Snovio email tracker has a secure and transparent code, which gives you the assurance that your data is not being used by the company. A cherry on the cake: no email signature forever.

The extension displays marks on every sent email in your Sent box. They are three: Unopened, Opens (with the number of opens), and Clicks (showing how many times the link inside the email body was clicked).

Snovio Email Tracker

Here are some of the notable features of Snovio email tracker.

1. Use It With Any Gmail Account

You can use Snovio email tracker with any of your Gmail accounts. If you are using multiple Gmail or G Suite accounts, the tool facilitates easy switching between those accounts. Whenever you wish to turn off email tracking, you can do it right from your Google Chrome extension.

2. Get Desktop Notifications

The tracker sends out real-time push notifications to your desktop. As soon as a recipient opens your email or clicks on a link embedded in the email, you get to know about it the very same moment.

3. View Complete History of Your Emails

Whenever you need to access the information as to see which leads opened which of your emails and who clicked on which links, all you need to do is to go to the activity log which is available right inside your Gmail account. This will give you a better understanding of what types of emails are more likely to convert and what types are likely to get ignored. You can then follow up your lead and adjust your future email outreach accordingly.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns Tool

Email drip campaign refers to an automated email campaign. It includes a complete set of emails to cover different phases of the campaign’s lifecycle. Autoresponders and other emails are sent out automatically as per the predetermined schedule. For example, an email may be sent out automatically as soon as a prospect signs up for your newsletter, another email after 3 days, and yet another after a gap of 5 days. Alternatively, you may set the emails to be sent out based on specific triggers, actions, or behavior of the recipient.

You may go literally crazy if you were to handle such campaigns manually. Not only do they seem daunting but they are almost impossible to achieve without the help of an automation tool. The feature-rich drip email tool from Snovio not only lets you create personalized email campaigns in a matter of minutes but also makes your campaigns much more powerful and effective.

Snovio Email Drip Campaign Tool

Here is what Snovio Email Drip Campaign tool allows you to do.

1. Create Drip Campaigns in Minutes

With Snovio drip email tool, you can build your own customized email sequences. The super user-friendly visual tool helps you build follow-up campaigns based on specific triggers at each level. The tool includes everything you need to put your email marketing process on autopilot.

2. Build Cold Email Campaigns

You can send out mass emails to a huge list of prospects in one go. You will also have complete statistics of the campaign at your fingertips. Click tracking your emails helps fine-tune the performance of your campaign.

3. Send out Emails to Specific People

You get the flexibility to choose specific recipients from your contact list and send out emails only to them. There is an option of sending emails with plain text to ensure better delivery. For better performance, try using variables in the subject and body of your emails.

4. Send Emails Manually

The tool lets you create and send plain-text emails in a single step. Sometimes, you may feel the need to send an email to the prospect while browsing their website. The tool not only lets you do that but it also lets you save the template for future use.

Snovio email tracker and drip campaign tool are thus indispensable tools in the toolbox of any email marketer serious about getting results from their email marketing campaigns.