How to Use Get Paid To (GPT) Websites for Your Business

For those new to the lingo, GPT (Get Paid To) sites are basically the sites that pay you for things that you would normally already do, such as using search engines, taking up surveys, playing flash games, watching videos, reading emails, trying out product samples, shopping online, helping with social media activities, etc. These gigs are taken up by registered users of the site who are usually paid through gift cards, checks and PayPal. Most of the work force comprises stay at home moms and college students looking to make some extra money on the side.

How Good is GPT Traffic?

gpt-websitesGPT sites, no doubt, can get you huge amount of traffic. But since this is paid or incentive-based traffic, the immediate question that comes to one’s mind is: how good is this traffic for your business? Can you really convert it or use it in some other way? Is it worth paying for advertisements and other campaigns on GTP sites?

Well, while it can’t be denied that the traffic from these sites has very low conversion, it’s also a fact that GPT sites are here to stay, and businesses are utilizing them to their advantage. So, how can you make effective use of GPT sites for your business?

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your GPT campaigns:

Offer Freebies

Understand this – Most of the GPT users are there to make some extra bucks. Don’t expect them to spend on your product. But if you offer something free, you are more than likely to see a steep rise in your conversion rate. GPT sites can be a good choice to offer free samples, software downloads and trial versions of your product.

Run CPA Campaigns

The obvious advantage with CPA campaigns is that you only pay for the action taken, and thus don’t have to worry about conversion. But mind you, we are not talking about sales campaign here; you’d rather have better luck elsewhere with them. The kind of campaign you should go with includes signing up of forms, referring friends, etc.

Build Your Brand

When you are paying somebody to click on your own ads or watch your promotional videos, obviously you won’t derive any direct profit from it. But what you can expect is the increased awareness of the brand. So, when you launch a new product or brand, it may be helpful to run GPT campaigns so that your brand stays in the subconscious mind of the audience; and when they happen to see it again next time, they get a perception that it is into existence since some earlier point of time.

Run Geo Based Campaigns

Always make it a point to target only the countries your product is related to. Apart from this, you should also avoid the countries that are usually associated with click frauds. With GPT sites, you normally don’t have to worry about people using VPN and proxies since the users have their country mentioned in their profile, and campaign is made available only to those meeting your geo requirements.

Target Your Audience

Most of the GPT users are looking for additional source of income and opportunities to work from home. If you’ve got something to fit in this niche, you will get very high conversion rate. For instance, campaigns related to finding remote workers for data entry job, basic designing work, sending emails, making cold calls, etc. should do exceptionally well.

Improve Your Alexa Ranking

It’s no secret that many webmasters use GPT traffic to increase the Alexa rank of their website. Since Alexa rank is directly related to the source and amount of traffic your site receives, GPT sites serve as a good choice for this purpose; you can easily get clicks from different countries or countries of your choice to influence the Global or country specific Alexa rank.

Use It for Social Media Engagement

This is another popular use of these sites. If you need Facebook shares for your blog post, ‘Likes’ for your Facebook fan page, retweets for your status update, views for your YouTube video, etc. GPT sites can help you do this in a cost effective manner.

Apart from pure GPT websites, there are also some sites and forums like whose users are comprised of GPT users, micro workers and freelancers that discuss and share tips to make money with various GPT, micro-task and freelance sites. They may be a good place to check out if you are looking to crowd source some simple task for your website or get into making a bit of money using GPT and micro-task sites yourself.