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All You Wanted to Know About VPS Hosting

If you ever wondered what VPS (Virtual Private Network) hosting is when you check the various hosting plans and packages on all web hosting service provider websites, then here a pretty simple explanation for that. Web hosting packages come in different forms of which VPS hosting is one. It lies between shared web hosting and dedicated servers.

The most basic websites start off with a shared hosting plan which is cheapest of all due to its pooled resources attribute. By pooled resources we mean that in shared hosting the service provider assigns you a pool of resources like memory, bandwidth and hard disk space from which many shared accounts having one or multiple domains in them share the allocated resources.

If one of the domains gulps a large share of the resources, some or all the other domains/accounts suffer from webpage loading time lag or a complete downtime.

On the other hand, in a virtual private network this situation doesn’t arise as the account that opts for a VPS hosting service is allotted a dedicated part of the resources. Resources like processor, RAM, disk space, etc., are specifically meant to be used by 1 account. This ensures that the performance of a domain doesn’t mar that of others.

Thus the anatomy of a VPS differs from that of shared hosting and hence is relatively expensive; but at the same time worth the money. The below image would help you understand the allotment of resources in a VPS better as compared to Shared hosting.

When to opt for VPS hosting

Most newbie webmasters find this part tricky. But deciding what suits best is simple and just boils down to the below points:

The process of setting up or upgrading to a VPS account varies from that of a shared hosting. Before you step forward, it is wise to have a look at some VPS reviews to take informed decision and go for the plan that suits your needs best.

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