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What Is FanBox and How Can You Earn From It?

With the growing age of the internet, one can avail several ways of earning money. With social networking’s growing popularity in the first decade of the 21st century, there has been in an immense rise in the number of internet users and thus the availability of several business and money making methods came into existence. Several social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. have become from simple websites to multi-billion dollar revenue generating corporate.

Most websites work on the principles of user-generated content and earn revenue through pay-per-click advertisements and subscription fee. Several of these websites allow the users to earn money through generating content, ads, apps and networking. One of such websites is FanBox, which was crafted especially in order to facilitate easy and totally legal way of money making. It allows people to sell, promote, share and buy digital media through the internet making it one of first social media and digital marketplace hybrid. Incorporating familiar facebook esque features, FanBox can almost if not already, be considered a technological breakthrough.

What is FanBox?

In a website layout similar to Facebook, FanBox is a platform which allows users to earn money by blogging and depending on the amount of time a user spends reading a particular blog. The Advertising system of FanBox is unique as the registered premium users can promote their blog posts and content and earning via pay-per-click. Unlike the other websites like Facebook and Google+, FanBox shares the revenues it generates via user-generated content with the creator of the content.

How Can I Earn?

One must remember that FanBox is an experimental website and is only open to people who have registered in the website after carefully reading and agreeing to the terms and condition. You can link your facebook account with FanBox to add all your facebook contacts in your FanBox account. The IPL or I’ll Pay Later is the money we borrow from FanBox in order to jump start our earnings. The subscription fee is deducted from your earnings which is 1% of your monthly earnings not exceeding $2.00. The payment maturity is 90 days from the date of subscription for the first cash out. After that, the cash out becomes a monthly affair. Here are a few different ways on how you can earn money on Fan Box.

Creating More Posts

More posts mean more people will visit your profile and are more likely to spend more time on your blogs. Make sure you have sufficient and interesting content to keep your followers spends the maximum time on your blogs.

Interlinking Blogs

FanBox’s unique linking and earning feature allows the users to link the top visited blogs and earn on every click and more time a visitor spends on the clicked link. Interlinking blogs will not only increase your chance of earning, but will also make readers more loyal as you provide better quality information on a particular topic.


Like facebook, FanBox also allows you to create clickable ads that direct more and more people to your blogs. The more people visit your blogs, the more are the chances of you earning. If people like your blogs then they might also share it in their own circles. While most people and most blogs have brushed off FanBox as a scam, it is important for readers to know that FanBox allows invitation only basis of subscription. Using their code registration service is considered as a user’s request to join the website. One must read the terms and conditions carefully before registration in order to avoid any further problems. So we hope this article solves most of your lingering questions about what is FanBox and how to earn money.

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