5 Reasons Why Your Brand Must be on Twitter

Twitter has been seen as a personal micro blogging network for long but days have changed and using Twitter for business is as prevailing as using it for personal end. Indeed, almost every brand you can think of would have an invariable Twitter presence, irrespective of its business scale.

There is a reason for this change in the deployment of this gigantic social network; and that is its huge user base. Brands have always been trying to get closer to their prospects. How could they leave behind the largest micro blogging hub with over 20% of active social platforms usage (according to Global Web Index)!


Here are some ways a brand can leverage this viral social platform and why your brand too should be listed on Twitter:

1. Build Some Rapport

Having a good rapport with your customers always helps. The much needed congenial environment for accomplishing this is provided by Twitter. A non- business Twitter account owner sees it as a platform to engage with friends and acquaintances. What could be a better perk for your brand, than being perceived as a pal by your customers!

2. Look over Your Shoulder

Twitter is a place where people tweet their mind. This platform is used by common man to vent his anger and also to show love for something. By being present on such a highly active social arena, you get to know what people are saying about your brand; the good and the bad.

This is why many online reputation management service providers include Twitter in their checklist. You get a chance to monitor both positive and negative talk about your business. The good ones can be made to go viral through Retweets or be placed amongst the testimonials in your official website; while the bad ones can be dealt with care and corrective measures be taken.

3. Promote Your Business

You could promote your products via tweets that have a link to the sales page, review, video or image of the product. But doing it over and over again, without any other activity may make your Twitter profile look spammy. One needs to be witty while posting promotional tweets. You may also opt for the promoted tweets option.

4. Track Your Competition

It is likely that your competitors also use Twitter as part of their marketing strategy. Following them would ensure that you are in track of their progress, the hype about them, their branding tactics, their followers’ demography, etc.

5. Get Your Brand Go Viral

It is evident that Twitter is viral. All that one needs to do is to tweet unique and catchy stuff consistently through your way of gaining more and more followers. The more followers a brand’s Twitter account has, bigger and better it seems; thus luring more prospects to follow you. Indirectly, more followers means more business.

But on the darker side, gaining followers is a huge deal in the initial stages, especially for a startup. Some wise ways to gain the first few followers include following others in your business niche, bugging your pals, or buying some apparently genuine Twitter followers.

With so many advantages in terms of branding and business, not using Twitter on your company’s behalf is surely a bad idea.