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5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Web Hosting

Hosting a website on a reliable and trustworthy webhost is not that cheap. Moreover, if you have just started your blog/website and do not earn a penny from it, the condition could be even worse. You could be a student and not earning yet, but what if you still want to host that awesome blog on a good web host? Managing the expenses of web hosting could be a burden, but luckily there are some workarounds to take it off your shoulders. Here are some tips to help you reduce the high costs of hosting.

1. Downgrade

While this may sound like an option that would limit your hosting features, there are actually some features in your hosting package that you least use. Why should you pay for unwanted features when you are short of money? A hosting account usually comes bundled with several added features like monitoring, SMS notifications and the like. You could make a list of what you essentially need from your hosting account and get rid of the unwanted ones. It is also a good idea to use a VPS instead of a dedicated server if your resource usage is low.

2. Use a free host

If your website is in its initial stage and receives less traffic, free host is a good option. There are many free webhosting services available but you need to be really careful when going with a free web host. Don’t forget to back up your database frequently. Many hosts also offer a basic free hosting plan for beginners.

3. Promotional codes

Just before you sign up for the web hosting account, check if they have any coupons for new customers. Coupon codes can help you do a good deal of savings on hosting. You can even get them from friends or other blogs and forums. Promotional codes are all over the web. They are a real life saver, if your budget is low; so, keep an eye out for them.

4. Utilize referral bonus

Almost every hosting provider has a referral bonus system. You will be given free credits and bonuses when your friends join the host using your referral link, simple as that. Alternatively you can place an affiliate banner on your website to get more referrals.

You can also use social media to refer people to your host, it works like a charm. This one is a very effective way to save on your hosting expenses.

5. Sign up for a longer term

Another tip is to sign up for a long term contract instead of a shorter one. Most hosting providers will happily give you discounts when you sign up for long term. Just make sure you do that only with a good webhost, so that you don’t have to regret your decision of staying with them for a longer time.

Hope these tips will help you save some money on your hosting bill. However, make sure that your option of cutting down costs doesn’t affect the user experience of your visitors.

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