The Advantages of Going with Magento for Your eCommerce Website

Doing business on the web need not be as difficult as it might appear to be. The secret is how well you utilize the available resources. Going about it the right way can help you grow your eCommerce website from the start. That’s what we have to share with you.

Let me tell you about the advantages of going with Magento. It is a web based platform that has been adopted by over 150,000 businesses including Vizio, Nike, Oneida and leading players in the eCommerce stage. It excels when used in eCommerce operations. Magento is our recommended choice because of the world class support and flexibility that was built into their platform.

magento-ecommerceWe believe from our experience with other platforms such as WordPress that Magento offers better benefits at a price considerably lower than competing platforms such as WordPress and others. Experience has taught us that a new eCommerce business must hit the ground running to advance in its field.

Because of our vast experience in this area, we believe firmly in the capabilities of a Platform such as that offered by Magento. We can show you a number of advances that Magento offers that are important for any eCommerce business. Once you consider them, ask yourself if your company is a candidate for Magento? Here are some things they can do for your company.

So what can Magento do for you?

Helps with demographics

Demographics are the key to a good, actually a great eCommerce company. It is the driving force that makes all the other segments work. Without reliable demographics, you are throwing money into the wind. Magento can segment your customers or potential clients into critical fields like age, gender, location, shopping habits, browsing history and more. Not only can they tell you what they actually bought from you, they can also show you what they placed in their shopping cart. You can expect a full report that can be used to your advantage.

Keeps your content current

Your website content must be kept current to attract browsers and clients that will follow. Magento tools make that easy to manage and build your content pages with the tool the company provide with their user-friendly CMS tool.

Private sale

Now with Magento, you can create a “Private Sale” for your customers and offer them a unique shopping experience. Our experience tells us customers appreciate a live, active and receptive site along with the ability they can gain by exploring multistore shopping opportunities that can set your eCommerce site apart from the pack.

Compliance & security

Compliance is always a concern. The Magento Enterprise Edition offers our eCommerce clients a compliant, stress free platform that allows strong data encryption and secure transactions.

Consulting & recommendations

To assist their customers and maximize their success with the platform, Magento, through their Expert Consulting Group (ECG) offers Magneto Enterprise Edition clients a thorough analysis of your specific needs and applications along with comprehensive recommendations on the entire process. They will help you with architectural planning all the way through post deployment.

Magento will back you up

Once you have implemented the platform, count on the ECG team to monitor your system’s performance with an eye to improving and maximizing your transaction rates and improving the capacity and efficiency of your system.

Magento grows with your ecommerce site

As your business grows, you can easily improve your site’s transaction rates and response time while maximizing user capacity. We are confident that with their unsurpassed support system, your eCommerce website will see your business grow.

Conversion and expansion

From our experience with other clients, we feel strongly that more customers will be driven to your site while using the Magento platform. Magento helps convert browsers on your website to buyers. As you grow, you will be able to handle larger volume, more product offerings. Eventually you will be able to expand your eCommerce site to international markets, all the while, maintaining complete control of your site. With Magento, your site can evolve into the image you see for your company’s present and future.