How to Make Your Business Website a Huge Success

There are two major factors that play into making a great-looking website perform at peak capabilities: the hosting and the content. Securing quality unmetered VPS and business hosting for your company website will offer the bandwidth you need, but what good will it do you if the content is of poor quality or nobody is reading it?

Outsourcing a blogging professional from a smaller boutique company versus contracting with one from a massive corporation will offer the business owner greater personalized attention while dramatically cutting costs. The practice of designating surrogate bloggers is commonplace even for those entrepreneurs who prefer to have their own hands directly in the content pie.

The reason why hiring a professional blogger is of vital importance to even the most content-controlling business out there is simple: blogging is not as basic as writing an informative piece for a high school journalism course. There is a precise science and artistry woven in between the content, and businesses simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to execute a professional blog correctly.

Looking under the magnifying glass

make-website-successWhile content may be king, your blog won’t even reach the status of court jester without the technical science that drives the content. A truly good, professional blog will contain the following:

  • Well-written content to capture a specific target audience
  • Strategic keywords for your SEO campaign
  • Link building that doesn’t violate Google’s new heavily enforced guidelines
  • Social media management to offer further exposure of your blog

As demonstrated, a successful blog will be constructed and crafted by a trained professional educated in the art of content marketing, and who knows how to play the blog through a business’s website according to the tune as dictated by Google. If a business expects to run a successful blog, it must hire a professional blogger with a portfolio of successful clients. In other words, “the proof is in the pudding”.

Just ask a blogger

Ask any blogger how important it is to link social media to a blog and without batting an eye they will tell you it is the most important thing you can do. In an article published by Forbes, the author examines the power that social media has in bridging relations between businesses and consumers. The author states that Twitter leverages much power as a platform for connecting with customers and for customers in return to leverage the channel to connect with businesses. By using Twitter businesses can Tweet links to their blogs within a marketing context. Furthermore, statistics prove that people use Facebook on a daily basis even more than they use Google. Creating a Facebook business page as a secondary source for your company’s blog will prove to be highly advantageous. When you hire a professional blogger, make sure they have ample social media management experience under their belt; otherwise they are not the professionals they claim to be.

Do your research

Having a committed, quality hosting provider for your business website is just as vital as having a professional blog to market your brand—both must work extremely well in order for your services to be widely marketed and for the business to acquire a continuous flow of new clients, while maintaining the loyalty of their current ones.