5 Paid Strategies to Enhance the Performance of Your Content

Got amazing content on your website but still struggling to attract traffic? Well, publishing quality content is only a part of the process. Given the ever-increasing number of businesses fiercely competing to grab the internet users’ attention, it’s but normal for your content to get lost in the crowd. This is where content marketing and distribution comes in to help you generate a buzz and let the prospects know you’ve got something promising for them.


Paid strategies are highly effective in generating targeted traffic and qualified leads. Even if your content has good organic reach, you should always substantiate it with paid promotion in order to enhance its performance. Here are five best paid platforms and strategies for successful content marketing.

1. Dominate Google Search with AdWords

Google Adwords is the most popular and effective pay-per-click (PPC) network. People use Google to search for information, and Adwords lets you target them right at the moment they are looking for what you offer. Creating an Adwords campaign only takes a couple of minutes. The platform also offers several tools for keyword research and targeting. However, you need to employ proper PPC management for better ROI. Brands often use Adwords even if they are ranking organically so that they get to have double listing in Google search results.

2. Influence Social Media with Facebook Advertising

Social media accounts for over 30 percent of time spent online. Facebook is a popular networking platform where users share and consume content. Its user base of over 2 billion includes people from all walks of life, making it a suitable promotion channel for all types of businesses. Facebook Advertising allows you to show your ads or sponsored content in the newsfeed of the people you choose to target. You can set your own budget and target the users based on demographics, interests, behavior, and connections.

3. Reach Email Users with Gmail Ads

Use Gmail Ads to reach over 1.2 billion active users right into their mailbox. When a Gmail user is reading a particular email, the ads are matched and displayed based upon the keywords used in that email. One good strategy is to target your competitors’ keywords so that the recipients of emails talking or discussing about your competitors’ products get to know about your business.

4. Create a Buzz with Twitter Promotion

Most of the customers love to get updates from the brands they follow on Twitter. This in itself is a solid reason why your business must be on Twitter. Using paid promotion for your tweets widens their reach beyond your followers. You can also start a campaign to increase your follower base. Targeting can be done based upon users’ interest, behavior, and the accounts they follow. Here too, it’s a good idea to target the followers of your competitors.

5. Impress Professionals with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a great place to put your content before working professionals. It offers more B2B leads than other social networking platforms. You can choose to promote your content through sponsored updates, InMail ads, and text/image ads. In addition to demographics and interests, LinkedIn Ads also allow you to target your audience by skills, educational qualification, job title, employer, and company size, among others.

Paid promotion makes it lot easier to attract targeted traffic to your content. However, never do away with organic distribution. A sound content strategy should be a mix of both, paid and organic.